Price and Value

We are sometimes asked why our Ramaura is priced at the level it is. We understand the question. If your experience is with the melt ruby so commonly seen for sale on eBay and all over the internet, then our prices, starting from $200.00/ct., may be startling. It makes sense if you know the following things.

1) Ramaura replicates natural ruby in that all the physical and chemical properties are identical, and most of the inclusions are the same too.

2) The method by which Ramaura is grown, i.e. a flux technique which mimics what happens in Nature. It takes months in very high temperature furnaces, in solid platinum crucibles, to grow Ramaura.

3) The price of good natural ruby ranges from $750/ct. up to $50,000/ct. and more.

 But here is the point, Ramaura looks like Natural Ruby, it has the depth and fire of a top quality natural ruby, and that just doesn’t come cheap. If the points listed above were not uniquely so, Ramaura would not be sitting in the Smithsonian in the same hall with the Hope Diamond.

Current Price List

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