Ramaura™ Cultured Rubies Donated to Smithsonian’s National Gem Collection


Ramaura™ Cultured Rubies in protective display case at the Smithsonian Natural History museum, Washington D.C.

Smithsonian case 2Burma

#1 Half Moon, Fine Grade, 15.89 carats


Twinned star#2 Twinned Star Rhomb, 39.82 carats


Cluster#3 Cluster, 130.87 carats



The J.O. Crystal Co., Inc. has donated a selection of unique Ramaura™ Cultured Ruby crystals to the Gem and Mineral Collection of the Smithsonian Institution, the national museum of the USA. Jeffery Post, curator of the collection, had asked for the donation after first seeing Ramaura crystals at the JCK Show in Las Vegas last June. Judith Osmer, CEO of the J.O. Crystal Co., and creator of the Ramaura™ Cultured Ruby, states that “The crystal specimens donated today represent the finest and most unusual examples of ruby growth to have come out of my laboratory in the 18 years of my company’s existence.”

Because the Ramaura™ Cultured Ruby is self nucleating (no seeds are used to trigger or force growth) the Ramaura is free to grow many interesting shapes and patterns that, until now, have only been seen in a few rare natural ruby specimens.

Coming at the end of a long career as a crystal grower, Ms. Osmer expressed her pleasure at having her Ramaura™ Cultured Ruby represent the first synthesized gemstones to enter the exalted company of gems in the Smithsonian collection. “Nothing has given me more satisfaction than to have my Ramaura™ Ruby displayed in the same mineral collection with the Hope diamond!”

Read the press release here: Smithsonian Press Release