Nicholas Created Alexandrite

sc03014b2eAlexandrite, named after Russian Tsar Alexander II in 1830, is quite possibly the rarest and most expensive of all gems. Until recently, the exclusive prize of gemstone connoisseurs, scientists have now created a magnificent replica…The Nicolas Created Alexandrite.

The Nicholas is true alexandrite with all the same physical and chemical properties as the natural gem. What makes alexandrite so exciting is that it changes color depending on the light source.

Our Nicholas Created Alexandrite is grown here in the United States using a recipe designed by Judith Osmer, founder of the J.O. Crystal Co., Inc. She has chosen coloring elements that are successful in producing a marvelous balance between indoor and outdoor colors.

The rough alexandrite is cut in Hong Kong where great care is taken to produce a faceted gem that offers a full color change as one moves between warm indoor lighting to the full spectrum of natural sunlight. We are proud of our Nicholas Created Alexandrite and believe it to be the best laboratory grown alexandrite currently on the market.

Every effort has been made to have the pictures above reflect the true color of our Nicholas. The gems in our inventory come in a small range of color saturations, so some are slightly darker, some lighter. Tell us which you prefer and we will do our best to supply what you want.

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