Empress Cultured Emerald

Emerald 11282014

The demand for top quality emerald is huge and growing, far out-stripping the availability of really good natural emerald. Demand and price go hand-in-hand, and over the years, the cost for the best natural emerald has risen to dizzying heights.

Enter the Empress Cultured Emerald!

Because they are simply beautiful and completely affordable, they are helping to pave the way toward the present international acceptance of laboratory created gemstones.

Empress Cultured Emeralds, available in all the standard calibrated sizes and shapes, offer creative designers and innovative jewelers choices they would otherwise not have. Duplicating the complex chemistry and physical properties of natural emeralds, the Empress also flaunts the powerful, yet subtle green of its natural counterpart.

The green of a lover’s eyes, the green green of the countryside in summer, or the green of envy can all be interpreted in the deep, deep green of an Empress Created Emerald. Here is a gemstone that perfectly reflects the harmony of science and nature.

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